Thursday, December 22, 2005

And then....

Grumperina said "who reads your blog?"

Well, I thought to myself, "who DOES read my blog?". I know of the following BLOGGERS who read my blog:

Other people? Well, PC of course... and now, (wait for it people).....

PC's SISTER!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, PC's parents do, in fact, have a daughter (older than PC, but not by much)!!!!


(I don't wanna use your real name b/c well, it's my blog and it's not fair to you if you don't want your name all over the planet and/or internet)

"M" lives not just "far away" but "far far far away" and on an island. Can you imagine? PC and I are hoping to more than imagine someday. Someday we wanna check out this island. (oh, and the boyfriend...definitely want more info on the new guy--- everyone ELSE has met him, ahem. Just sayin')
M is a nice girl who I have met once ( I told you, she lives far far far away). She has a dog that is too cute for words and a handamde scarf/mitten set from me and a quilt that the dog appropriated.

So, welcome to my blog M, may you enjoy it.

Wait. Do I have to be more careful about what I write? Hmmm... my opinions won't change. My sarcastic tone won't change. PC said "don't talk about sex... my sister might read it!" Umm... do I ever talk about sex? Should I start? Might make for some interesting Google hits, though. Hey, M, do you want me to talk about sex?

I don't think M even knows what the "PC" in PC's name means.

This means one thing:
(yes, I am shamefully self-promoting so that you will visit my blog)

For the prize: free yarn. Sock yarn--- good stuff too. I would get Socks That Rock, but Cara has it all. Just sayin'.


I want to know the funniest thing that you think PC stands for. I am not going to tell you the real meaning (well, b/c it is actually the funniest), but PC and I will read the comments/emails and decide which we think knocks our socks off the most. Then, the funniest one gets yarn. FREE yarn.

Email or drop a comment
Contest ends January 1
Winner announced January 2
Yarn mailed January 3-ish

If you are PC's sister- you can enter and I will send you socks knit with the yarn. :)

Ok, so enter away... you can leave as many comments as you like!

Good Luck!
:) Mini


  1. Um . . . Pretty Crazy? Posing Cutie? Pumpkin Color? Party Crasher? . . .

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I know I know!!! Perfect Catch.

    I alway read your blog but don't always comment;)

  3. Hmm, perfectly cuddly? poisonously cute? puffball cheeks? I'll think of some more. Merry Christmas!

  4. Um.. Poop chute..; pickled cucumber; how about pattycake or puppy cat?


    Quite a contest ya got here *grin*

  5. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I am guessing it doesn't mean politically correct?


  6. Popcorn, pancake, pretty cute/cool?

    Have a good break from work!