Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's been 8 days????

Oh boy... I have been a bad blogger! Ok, well, here's the update. I need to put a few finishing touches on a few gifts (a liner in a bag...some fringe on a scarf), but other than that, I am done....more on that next week.

Oh, it appears we are NOT moving. The landlords signed our lease and took our money,but the current tenant changed her mind about purchasing a condo, even though she gave notice for jan 1. Any lawyers out there? Send me some advice if you have any....actually, anyone tell us what to do!

Here is a scarf and mittens for PC's mom. It's Noro Kureyon, using a modified "my so called scarf" pattern and basic mitten pattern:


Everyone was posting their favorite places to knit, so here's mine:

Yup, until it gets too cold, I love to sit out here with a cup of coffee and my knitting. It's peaceful, it's pretty...and now,it's snow-covered.

And now, for some photos of my SIL's cabled bag....
the last one is the most color-accurate. I am going to make a liner (very fast) and no zipper or anything, so it will be done soon. Everything else is already wrapped with my custom bands for knitted items... and they need to be wrapped in wrapping paper with bows, but here is the deterent:
"Hi, my name is Rascal. I like the Christmas tree but I don't like anything underneath it. And I don't like snowmen if they don't sing."
And can you tell who he loves the most?
This was the first time he "sat" when told to. He now sits down in front of you expecting a cookie. He sits to get his leash on, scratches at the back door to go out, heels on a leash (somewhat), fetches a toy rope thing (and drops is at your feet, turns around to go after it again....) and comes when you call him. Not bad for only having him 10 days. My mom (shown in the photo) is home with him all day, so there has been "puppy preschool"--- she is very good about giving commands and now he jumps in and out of her car, no problem. But, it was 8 deg F this morning, and he ran like crazy out, peed, and ran straight back into the house. Once off the leash, he usually heads back to the crate (another thing he's learned) to wait for breakfast (about 15 minutes later, he snuggles in with his towel), but today, a VERY cold dog ran into my mom's bedroom and up onto the bed and down under the covers to snuggle with the warm human (mom) who was NOT expecting a COLD DOG. :)

More knitting content next week... work has been outrageously busy these past weeks. Christmas is coming.... *sigh*


my view from my house


  1. The cable bag is beautiful!!

    But what a pain about the tenant not moving out. I have no idea what you can do about that at all.

  2. I don't have any legal advice for you, either (lots of sympathy, though), but oh, that Rascal is a cutie! One of Chappy's best friend is a Beagle called Becky . . . Beagles just have the sweetest faces! And yes--gorgeous bag.