Friday, December 23, 2005

Getting Creative!

People who read my blog are getting very creative with their versions of "what PC means". By the way, PC thinks there are several "in the running" contest submissions. He thinks the contest was a pretty good idea too.

Now, some actual knitting content! (yeah, I know... it's been awhile,but now that Camera is not mad at me anymore..)

*warning: photo heavy post!*
1. For Sandy: I finally THRUMMED! Yup, worked it all out.. and these mittens are for me! All for me! I love the color (goes with not one of my coats!) and the thrums, well... I think I have gone a bit overboard on the thrums,but they look so nice. I actually used some help from Norma on these ( she posted a bit ago about how to make the thrums).
close-up of those oh-so-pretty "v" shapes! :)
2. Final Project... yup, made my mom a scarf (after ripping it out 900 times) and then she said (last week, FYI) "I want a parka for Christmas." What? What parka? She NEVER mentioned a parka before!!! My mom is the "anti-coat"... she's always cold, but she wears the same crappy coat year after year. She loves this coat. It's not the warmest. It's not waterproof. It's not wind resistant. So, what does she want in a parka? (for you Southern readers, a parka is a ski jacket...very warm, water and wind proof) Mom has "parka criteria":
a. must be warm
b. cannot be heavy or bulky
c. should have "options" like a 3-in-1 coat. (3-in-1 coats have an inside liner that can be taken out and used as a "fall" jacket and then the shell can be a "rain coat' and all zipped together, it's a 3 jackets in 1)
d. must have a hood, but it needs to come off.
e. waterproof
f. wind resistant
g. cute and stylish- "not old lady, there are younger people where I walk Rascal"

Oh my... she wants to fit in with the cool kids. :) So, I searched Bean's online catalog. No dice-- too pricey for me and well, I know they are usually v.warm, but a bit bulky. So, it's off to Bob's Store (sale on jackets!)... PC and I head over to the women's jackets... there are 2 options:
1. Baby Phat "cropped parka".... i have several issues with a jacket that is meant to be warm that doesn't cover your bum area, don't get me started on one that doesn't cover your belly button.
2. Columbia- a great brand... but, whoa... the sticker shock. I got my Columbia jacket for about 60% of what they were asking ON SALE. Yikes.... I found out from teenage member of the family "oh, Columbia is very IN". Crap on a stick... "in" means "price increase."

Off to a store that is pretty well known for discount coats (you know who you are) and we found a good jacket. Store is closing, price is right... size is good. Grab and run to checkout. Get it home: it's FILTHY. And the zipper is broken. I found a CHAPSTICK in the pocket. (which I promptly threw away b/c while I will use PC's chapstick, I will not TOUCH anyone else's). So, next day, back to the store. Company policy will not let them give me my money back. They want to give me a gift card. Do they actually expect me to purchase more items in a store that obviously put a previously worn, filthy, chapstick carrying, broken zipper jacket back on rack? Umm, no. Mini released her inner bitch and got some justice!

So, we are off to Sears, who is having a 50% off sale. :) Get mom even cuter jacket and then realize in the car... the scarf won't match. Off to the LYS: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in periwinkle and cream.....
I think it matches well... what do you think?
I had no idea what I was doing with the braid... i winged it! I love the double knit feel of the's smooshey and warm!
please ignore the so-so embroidery... i decided after that the mittens needed "something" and I was too lazy (and too close to christmas!) to rip out and do fair isle or intarsia...and the duplicate stich looked even worse. Mom will love them, though.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa... whatever you celebrate, enjoy the time with family and friends. I will try to blog if I can, but I will be on a much needed VACTION until the 3rd from work. :) So, I will pop in to check the contest submissions... keep them coming! I am yarn shopping on Wednesday! :) Until then, see you in 2006!

~Mini ( and PC by default)

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