Sunday, January 01, 2006

Vacation is almost over...

And I think I need another week. Well, the contest is going really well, you are keeping PC in stitches! For those of you who have been emailing them...I have forwarded them onto him. And, he wants to remind you that you are a mom...ha ha ha. No, really we have over 25 entries, so this could be tough.

The yarn you are going to get is Cherry Tree Hill, PC picked the color and it is: Tropical Storm. A gorgeous blend of blues and greens... reminds me of the ocean right after a good spring Nor'Easter....

Whaddya think?

I'll be back in the office on Tuesday, but we'll announce the winner tomorrow.... check back here and if you need to EMAIL me your physical address. :)
Happy New Year!
-Mini and PC

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