Thursday, January 05, 2006

Post-Holiday presents!

Well, a little background:
I work for a French company. We have offices in France (near Avignon) and an office here (Bedford, MA). We train in France, have meetings in France, have corporate outings and adventures in France, and we even come in extra early so that we can have telephone conversations with France. My supervisor (kinda) is a French woman, my age (we share a birthday!) who is a "knitting enabler". She was in Paris visiting family over the holidays and went to a yarn shop. Did you hear that? She does not knit. She doesn't sew. She went to a yarn shop that came highly recommended from family that knits (I think an aunt),and was there to buy me a present! She already bought me the Pattern-a-day calender for my desk. So, this morning, over coffee (yes, it's a French thing... coffee here at work can take 1-2 hours, but we use it to discuss work...sometimes), she says "oh, I have something for you!". She wanted to buy me yarn. But, she said, the woman was asking her "how much yarn?" She didnt' know., she said "are there 'french' knitting needles?" Nope. The woman said " we get some American tourists who buy the French knitting magazines" Voila!
So, 2 French knitting magazines (especially chosen for me, b/c she said she thought all the sweaters in one were "my style" and they TOTALLY are, and the 2nd is toddler and children's patterns... too adorable.I love knitting for little ones!) came over the Atlantic to me. :)

I'll have pictures of them tomorrow. Y'know that Rowan Cork I have floating around? You know... the one I can't decide if I like the ribbing? Well, I found the PERFECT pattern for it in the French magazine. Now,tonight with my French-English dictionary, my magazine and a notebook..I am good to go!

Also, I never told you, but I am a member of an Elite Group... yup, Bloomin' Feet. It's a small sock swap (less than 10 people, I think) and it goes to March. My secret pal has very loose instructions on what she wants, but I think I have a good idea and I will include you in the process as I move along. I need to buy sock yarn. I am going above and beyond on this one! (my secret pals know, I usually do... what budget? ha ha ha It's only b/c of my frugality that I can get away with it).

Also, made a trade with Katy over at Katyknits (check her out.. she's a great knitter and a really great Mom!) and I will be receiving a Debbie Bliss pattern book from her and she will be getting a needle case made by me in return!

Not much more to update with today.
The blob marches on...I'm up to the armholes. But, tonight might be me, my hat that needs to be done, and teh French knitting mag. I need some "me knitting" time, y'know?


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