Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh, Mini? Where are you?

I'm here. Under a pile of paperwork that the employee who just left, left for me. *sigh* And the project he should have been working on? Nope... was NOT working on it for several weeks, b/c well, he KNEW he was leaving.

And I have a new intern in the lab. An intern poses a whole slew of new challenges, managing a person in a v. small group and training them in the 8 hours that you are supposed to be doing YOUR work are just two of the new challenges. But, once trained up, she will be useful.

I have been knitting. I need to take pictures of knitting, I know. I have one baby sweater DONE. In my insanity to push hand knit items upon people, like unsuspecting pregnant moms, I have decided that this sex-to-be-determined baby will need three sweaters. I have one done. A second one needs arms and buttons (click that off my list tonight!). The third will be done this weekend. Maybe. Did I mention the baby shower is SOON? Well, overall... knitting will suffer this weekend b/c of Cleaning. Cleaning with a CAPITAL C. I am purging, moving, packing, trashing, stashing all kinds of things this weekend come hell or high water.
As much as I would love to show you exactly HOW much I need to clean, I cannot. The mom who raised me would freak out and then committ suicide, like if I wore not clean-panties and got into an accident. BTW- when was the last time you wore dirty underthings? Me: NEVER.

So, jackets/coats/etc will be donated. Bridesmaid/Prom dress/etc will be reorganized for long term storage. Clothes will be inventoried and accordingly tossed/kept/donated. (I make enough money right now, that if need be, I can buy new clothes). Excess fabric will be inventoried for usefulness and prettiness. Ugly useless stuff will be chucked. Shoes will be assessed on how often and comfort of use. Purses, well...the bags stay. :)

Yarn....oh, the yarn. Yarn will be put into Ziplock bags, marked and air removed in order to facilitate the moving of said yarn in a few weeks. Apartment-y items that were purchased/gifted for the apartment of the useless lease will be placed in storage facility with other stuff. Sleeping bags will move to storage facility also, but only once washed and dried at the laundromat... will allow for knitting time!

and this is the big one: BOOKS will be purged. Donation to a local library or trade with PC's mom and other like minded people may be in order.

So, I will grab some photos of the baby sweaters....then I will clean. Anyone wanna come over and help? Nope, didn't think so!

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