Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I have been knitting,

but it's PC's black blob sweater (back DONE! front 2/3 DONE!) and well, stockinette in black= awful photos. When it's all done, I will make PC do a photo shoot in the sunlight with his new sweater! :) (yes, honey, you heard me... we talked about this, this is the picture where I intentionally chop your head off).

I found a wonderful kimono (or Jedi style) baby sweater pattern last night. I am still working on Baby Sweater #3. I found it here. I should have it done this weekend. :) Along with PC's sweater parts. I am going to need major assistance with the assembly. I am thinking of hiring the girl at W&W to help me out with this. I want the seams to look nice and not "homemade", but "handmade."

In other news, we had some bad news in my house this weekend. It appears that my dad has esophogeal cancer. Today we find out the stage of the cancer and therefore, the treatments available. My dad wants to be very proactive on this and treat it as agressively as his body will let him. He's scared. Mom's scared. I'm scared. I'm sure my brothers are scared. Last winter we went through hospital hell for 5 weeks with my mom. She was diagnosed with emphysema and had to go through all these awful phlebotomy treatments to lower her blood crit and more physical therapy. It was a strain. I live with my parents, but as the only girl, a lot of responsibility falls on my shoulders. My dad saw this last year and the toll it took on my sanity. So, he elected to tell the boys (my brothers) early enough, but we'll see if they step up to the plate for this one. I have my doubts,but they have surprised me before. So, there may be a posting lag as I will be trying to help out my folks as much as they need and tend to other things (like my-soon-to-be-official- promotion at work).

More photos and updates as I get them.
:) Mini


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Oh Kate, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad but he has a great attitude and that's exactly what he needs. You make your brothers help you and your parents. You and your mother don't need extra stress at this time.
    Sweater assembly is my least favorite part. I'm sure someone at W&W will be happy to help. They have general help hours some afternoons for a very reasonable price. Maybe that would work for you.
    I'll think good thoughts for you all.

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your dad - I hope things work out


  3. I send thoughts and prayers for successful treatments for your Dad-
    and all the best to you as well.. such a difficult time..

  4. That sucks pretty darn hard and in many ways.

    Take care.

  5. I am so sorry about your Dad. My thoughts are with him while he battles the cancer!

    My Mother has COPD (emphyazema and asthma) and has gotton pretty bad these past few years.

    I am not the only girl but am the only one not 3000 miles from her. So I am the one to call for updates when she is in the hospital. I know how you feel. It's hard...harder when you are the one to keep everyone in the loop.

    I hope that this cancer is in the early stage and he can slap it into remission ASAP!

  6. Oh, Mini, how did I miss this? I know the feeling in your stomach that is pure fear that the word cancer brings.
    I'm praying.