Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh my gosh!

I met Karen , the winner of my contest last night! I stopped by her house (b/c I drive by it 2 x per day, each day for the past year) to drop it off and she was home! YAY! I wanted to stop in and sit and chat, but other obligations kept me away! Soon Karen I promise!

I still have to mail out the other winner, Jan, her present (sorry, Jan... it's not laziness, it's work... someone quit this week and well, in a team of 10, one person is a lot of work!). It'll pop into the mail sometime next week. :)

So much football this weekend, plenty of knitting time! Bucs at 4:30 and the Pats at 8:00, I am all set.

My college roomie (and all around great person) is going to be a MOMMIE! But, this kid is going to need sweaters, it will live in NH. SO, the shower is umm, in 3 weeks. I want to make something adorable,but don't know what! Any suggestions? No idea what sex the baby is... so it's a gender neutral requirement. *sigh* I might need an LYS trip... anyone want to go?

PS- Karen asked me to post what PC REALLY means... um, can't. We'll stick with "perfect catch"... Actually "PC" and "Mini" are names that we came up with just messin' around one day. And,'s one of those things! Sorry... maybe someday I'll be like Carly Simon and auction off the answer (some guy in CT knows who the song "you're so vain" is about!)....

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  1. Blue Sky's Three Piece Baby Set sweater is just perfect for your requirements. It's quick, it's cute, you could make it out of wool to make it warmer than the organic cotton it calls for, and it's totally gender neutral! Yeah for your friend, enjoy knitting a sweater for the little one!