Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And now for some knitting content...

You know how you have the measurements for a person, you know exactly what that person wants, you have the yarn, needles, and pattern to make a sweater for that person? And then you try it on them....

How on earth did I knit PC something that is 8 inches too big around the belly????

Now, my PC is a "normal" size guy, I think. A little Buddha belly, but hey, don't we all? And he's not FAT, and he's not weirdly shaped... but my knitting needles proclaimed him to be 8 inches larger around the belly. Hmm.

Back to the drawing board. Say it with me people....


So, now I have 9 inches of a back and I am going to make the back and the front, baste it together and voila... try it on him again. The 1st sweater (actually the 3rd,but we'll stick with 1st) was knit completely in the round. It would have raglan sleeves and a crew neck. Now, I am doing a modified drop sleeve with a crew neck. I am hoping this will be a more "forgiving" pattern for my *obviously* loose gauge. Right now, I am still dead on with my gauge: 4 spi. It's perfect. I am using Plymouth Encore (don't ask... it's soft, machine washable and reasonably priced) and Addi US 8 needles (circulars)... and I am knitting FLAT. The only change i have made is the Circular vs. Flat knitting, but sometimes that is all it takes.

So, knitting. I am making PC's "blob" sweater, a new hat for moi (yummy), and I have cast on for 2 sweaters for me. :)
Sweater for Mini #1: In Rowan Cork, color: BUG, I am making a modified drop sleeve with a v-neck. I think it'll be cute. I am going between the following stitches:

a. k2,p2
b. k3,p1

Any advice?
Sweater for Mini#2:
I am making the Aran from Interweave Knits (the latest issue)... I really like it.
Now, this yarn, I have NO IDEA what it is. It passed the burn test, it's wool. I bought it at Hub Mills in Lowell and it was a "test yarn". Not very soft, but the swatch softened up alot. This will be my NEXT fall sweater. The one I take camping to toss on at night. Warm but not an "against skin" warm. The color is this fantastic beige... very hard to describe. Oh,and $2 a ball? Can't go wrong!!!1

What else did I buy? Oh... this yummy orange-y coral-y 55%alpaca/23%silk/22%wool blend (109yds per hank) that is to die for. $2.50 a hank... i want to go back and get the other color, the purple for my SIL next year.

And now, because I have no more knitting to talk about... I leave you with "brat pictures" of Rascal, the wonder dog.
Rascal in repose...ha ha ha. No, this is how he spends most of his day, sleeping with his toys by the back door...he plays in the kitchen most everyday and he LOVES the sunlight in the back door.
"why are you taking pictures? I wanna PLAY!!"
"is that a cookie??? well, do you have a cookie?"



  1. I'm in pain vicariously at the thought of all that ripping!

  2. Kate Rascal is adoooooooooooorable! Give him a hug from me! I feel your pain with ripping sweaters. I have awful luck getting sweaters to fit. I avoid them altogether now and just concentrate on socks!