Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Edited to Add:
Ok, so when you read this post, remember that sometimes, Mini can be a cranky-pants and it's usually when I am sick. I hate being sick. Unfortunately, as of most of my life, I am always the one caring for the sick-one and providing the comfort. And right now, I want a cup of tea, a should rub and someone to make me chicken soup. PC is wonderful, but he's also crazy at work, and since the "incident" with the apartment (read down a few posts), we don't live together. Continue reading... just remember, in a few days I will be cute and funny and civil.

Also, before you go... i went to the Post Office today around 11:45a.m. and it was *gasp* EMPTY. Well, one person strolled in after me. But there were 3 people working the windows. I work in a SMALL town, and I live in a medium one. The PO at home has one person, on the phone, and a line out onto the sidewalk. The one at work? 3 people, pleasant, no phones and really really helpful. :) Also, they put up Squeaky McSqueakerson (a.k.a. me) trying to decide if packages are needed Fast or Really Fast. :) And they let me pick my stamps. I love when they let me pick my stamps....

Oh, and if you want... they have a "santa stamp" that the guy can pop onto your package... it says "Direct from Santa's Shop" or something like that. He covered the packages that are heading up to several anxious toddlers/infants in Maine. :) I think the 3 year old will think I am ultra-cool b/c it'll look like I KNOW Santa (affectionately called "ho ho" by everyone in my family)

Yup, yours truly has completely succumbed to the Christmas stress and has accomplished the following:
1. hacking cough
2. laryngitis
3. headache
4. backache
5. upset tummy
6. stuffled nose
7. weird feeling of being "here" but not "really here" (might be the low grade fever)

Christmas knitting is DONE. Presents (minus 1) are wrapped. Hell, 4 are even headed off to the Post Office today, along with the Christmas cards (yeah, I'm a little late this year). Fudge is made. Cookies will be done tonight. Last minute gift basket almost done. Extra cookies for brother's holiday festival on Friday- almost done.

PC's mom gave me an ornament that says "Katie" on it. It's a snowman-bell. I love it.

Poor PC. Can someone go give him a hug? I have been cranky and whiny and bitchy and stressed and the poorboy has just taken it. Yes, I know "it's his job" but he deserves a raise at this point. I love Christmas, but this year I feel completely taken advantage of by family members and more than a little stressed out. Last night, my father convinced me that it would be My fault if My mother's Christmas was ruined b/c I didnt' go out and finish HIS Christmas shopping for HER. Huh? And guess what? I was in line at the Petco last night, doing his shopping. My dad DOES work hard and as a self-employed trucker, it's a tough living. But, I work. Hard. And while my job is not physically strenous, it is a challenge. And I was sick. Did I mention that I am sick?

Someone get me some holiday spirit! Tomorrow night is last minute cookie wrapping, present assembling, and general craziness. Friday is the party at my brother's (which my mom informed me, no matter how sick I *think* I am, I am going).... funny, at the holidays, I am still not allowed to be actually sick. Saturday is "clean the house b/c the President, oh no... just my brother and SIL... , are coming over to swap presents". *sigh*

I'll do more tomorrow... Right now, it's Dayquil, cough drops, hot tea (God Bless my coworker and her inner-momminess) and a trip to the Post Office.


  1. get well soon.... and have a merry Christmas! :)

  2. One Christmas my parents yelled at me for being ungrateful. Why didn't I show more enthusiasm? Why was I just sitting there? Why did I go upstairs and sleep?

    Why? Because I had mono that's why.

    Hope you feel better.

  3. Sounds like you have the good old influenza. And UNLESS YOU WANT PNEUMONIA TOO....take it easy for crying out loud!!! Goodness sakes!

    Tsk tsk tsk!!!

  4. I love the little Post Offices!
    Hope that you get your shoulder rub & cup of tea. And that you feel better very soon.