Monday, December 05, 2005

cold snowy, icy winter monday in New England....

Remember how I told you my mom was looking at a dog named Ruby? Well, Ruby proceeded to snap, growl and nip at my mom when they met on Sunday. Mom could not take her if she was going to act like this...

So, a very sad mom came home. And a very sympathetic Dad decided to take action!

A short trip to the NorthEast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA was organized. Look what we brought home!


His name is Rascal and he's 4 months old (approximately). He weighs in at a whopping 18 lbs and he's a Beagle/Daschund/Labrador mix. Yeah... we have NO idea how big he'll be. :) He's already a great companion to my mom... follows her around the house, sits and snuggles with her on the couch *(more about this later), and he doesn't bark or nip! One minor accident on the carpet last night, but that's ok... we are teaching him from the start. He's being crate trained, something new for my parents!

Knitting, well I finished my SIL's cabled purse and 1 1/2 mittens for my mom (got Jo Sharp Matchmaker Merino from Elann on Friday night). Now, I only have 4 projects and I am done. The 1/2 mitten came to work to be done today at lunch. The scarf will be done tonight and tomorrow night. PC's mom will have mittens by Friday and a scarf by Sunday. I need to rip back a few rows on the little cousin's poncho and the it will be done.

My SIL, J, embodies the "it's better to give" philosophy. At dinner on Saturday night, she asked what we needed for the apartment. We replied "everything!" On Saturday morning, we headed off to IKEA, bought plates, bowls, glasses, a bathmat and cutlery. And that afternoon, we bought an oriental rug at Building 19 3/4 (do you have these outside of Boston?). So, she has a microwave, serving dishes, shower clips, cooking utentsils, scatter rugs, side tables, small appliances.... oh, and did I mention a COMPLETE LIVING ROOM SET?

yeah, so my brother and his wife purchased a living room set (couch and loveseat) from Jordan's about 8 months ago. My brother hates it. It's overstuffed and very "squishy" (btw, PC and I have sat on it... we LOVE it and were looking to buy something "similar" but more in "our price range")... but they want to upgrade to brown leather... casual but more structured. So, they went couch shopping yesterday so that we can have their couches. Wow. We informed them that we did not need anything for Christmas if we get their couches. They laughed. "what would we do with the couches? and we already bought your presents".... being the baby sister rocks!

Now, dear best friend called Saturday night, offered up a table and some other stuff and a weekend to come down and help me decorate. :) Offer is taken!

Happy Knitting Monday!

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  1. That's quite a doggie-combo you've got there! He's adorable, though. I believe they say that, with mixes, you can usually guess the primary traits by whichever breed he looks most like--and that boy looks largely Beagle to me, so I'd guess he won't be too big. (But I could be wrong.) With Beagle and Dachshund, though, I'd also guess he'll be a barker! But with a face that sweet? Who really cares. Lots of luck!