Friday, December 16, 2005

Santa dropped off a present early

And PC delivered it!

A little backstory:
I fall down. Alot. I don't mean "whoops, I tripped", I mean "OH MY GOD!" falling down. I fall down on the sidewalk, the steps, in the parking lot (ok, many parking lots), in my house, in the street, getting in the car, getting out of the car...
Ok, you get the point. But there is one time of year, where walking beside me can be a near death experience: winter. The packed down snow, the slippery ice... it's made for me falling down. PC is always very patient (well, mostly) and slows down to a turtle-like crawl with me clinging to him and whatever inanimate object (or animate object should we be walking with friends) with a death grip and yelling "not so fast"... as old ladies with walkers and high heels dart past us.

An embarrassing truth: my biggest fear is falling down.

A common quote from me: "mini falls down and breaks her head"

Also, a little comment: I have been knocked down by a deer, 5 feet from the building I work in.

Enter: the BEST Santa gift EVER:

PC got the at Herrington's.

I *heart* YakTrax. I tried them out last night. I wore them during the "icing event" (vocab courtesy of Channel 5) this morning. I DID NOT FALL. I FELT CONFIDENT.

I am wondering if these are like a placebo, but whatever... they WORK. Look out world! Mini will be leaving her house this winter! Now if they only made them for my tires.....

Happy KNitting Weekend!


  1. Now see? That's the type of thing I wear every blasted day in the winter time, or I'd be on my butt just as often as you are!! Nice going, PC! Here's to confident walking!

  2. YEAH for Yaktracks!I got those last year for my father in law. I have no idea if he's used them or not! :)
    Falling hurts. I have been doing my share lately. I don't know why, but perhaps it's the head in the clouds kind of thing!
    Walk on! No broken bones this winter!