Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Actual Knitting Content

I know, it's amazing. Actual knitting. I have been knitting, I just haven't been knitting "on the blog".

But, before all that. Tomorrow is Dad's surgery. If you are faithful, please say a little prayer for him and my mom -- they celebrated 39 years of marriage and 47 years together this May. I don't know what one would do without the other. If you aren't faithful, please just think good thoughts tomorrow. My mom's family is a little superstitious (PC would say "a lot") and tomorrow is also my Nana's birthday. She would have been 95. She used to tease my father alot and we think it's a good sign that he has her with him on this day. She would never let anything happen to hurt my mom. Me, I am in a daze. I have been walking around like the dead this weekend. I am exhausted and just emotionally drained. I need to sleep for 24 hours and I still don't think it'll help.

On happier news, the cat is acting like a cat. She's cranky and sometimes playful. This morning she was so hungry, she was jumping on PC's head. Oh, very funny story about her. Last night, we went to bed and she hopped up and got between us. In the middle of the night, PC decided he was colder than the rest of us and took all the blankets. The cat and had been snuggled up against me and she moved to him b/c, well, he had the blankets! So, he rolled over (away from her) and she lost her covers. She reached over and stuck her claws in his ass. He rolled over, she and I got our blanket back and we went to bed. PC woke me up this morning and said "I think the cat scratched my butt" I said "no, she stabbed you in the ass so you would give the covers back." :) I knew she was on my side. :)

Here is a sock bag that I got over at Trek's (she's swapping them if you want one!)
(re-affirming my love of all things GIRAFFE!)

Oh, what's inside? A finished Petal sock and one that is at the heel. :) I think i might finish it tomorrow at the hospital.

Oh, and finally, some photos of the new ruler of the house:

(pound picture)
(at home)


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I'll keep your parents in my thoughts. It is a good omen being your grandmother's birthday. I hope your parents aren't having to deal with any of the flooding.
    Pumpkin is a real cutie! PC will have to watch out now that he's got two ladies in his life;)

  2. Blessings for dad's surgery tomorrow.

    Glad you like the bag!

  3. Thinking good thoughts for all of you!

  4. Sending good thoughts your way. Hope your dad's surgery went well.