Friday, May 26, 2006

Feeling Unaccomplished

So, my "to do" from yesterday? Not so much.

1. interviewing ran over by 3 hours... and he was 30 minutes early. Grrrr.
2. major metldown at work that I needed to fix
3. ran out to get food for Miss Pumpkin
4. cooked yummy BBQ chicken for PC and I
5. walked to get Ff/SF frozen yogurt
6. knit 6 rounds on my sock, but not at SnB b/c I was too tired to go
7. stayed up too late.
8. forgot to take a tea photo (will try to sneak that in tonight!)

What I did get done?
1. 3rd arm project underway (it's attached to PC... he's so helpful!)
2. laundry
3. fed myself, PC and the cat
4. slept
5. kissed PC

Is it just me? This may be TMI (and I'm sorry if it is), but I still get that butterfly-tingle-ohboy! feeling in my belly when PC kisses me... I know it's a good thing! Every so often, I look at him and think... "wow. i'm so in love with this man" I think it's b/c if you asked me 5 years ago if I thought this was possible,I would have said no. (must be Spring... I'm getting all romantic... or that we are going to a wedding tomorrow... that too).

Look for another update later!
:) Mini

Oh, I need to send my SP something soon!


  1. Nah, I think it's sweet! The most romance I get in my life is when Chappy gives me a lick and wags his tail . . .

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    You've had a busy day! Hopefully the holiday weekend and wedding will give you a chance to kick back and relax a bit. (And spend some quality romance time with PC!)

    It sounds like you and PC have a wonderful relationship - I love the fact that you still get butterflies when he kisses you - that's great!

    Your SP

  3. You got more done than I did this weekend...and I had such high hopes for it too