Thursday, May 25, 2006

I won!

I won!

I would like to thank the Academy,my family, of course my PC (couldn't have done it without you babe!) and God.

Oh wait. Wrong speech. Nevermind.

I WON! (reminder, I have won ONE contest in my life and it was at Deb's)

So, Ms.Bookish... I tried to email you (my browser won't let me... it says broken link) so I can get my prize, but alas... no luck. Anyone have her email? Tell her I am looking for her? Thanks!

Dad is HOME. Yup, in comfy pants (he so happy to be wearing pants!) and eating popsicles and mashed potatoes on the couch in front of the 60inch HDTV. The dog has not left his side since he got home. Dad's happy, Rascal's happy, doctors are happy... mom... dunno. I think she's worried that she can't care for him properly.

I am going to continue to post my updates but hopefully the knitting will be the only showcase. I am going through "stuff" in my personal life and I need to address it. I took a positive step and did something for me. I need to do more of this. But, I need to not be a spoiled stubborn brat too (PC knows what i am talking about). I don't know exactly how to balance this. Rent's due. Bills are due. Car needs new brakes. And I haven't gotten my review yet. Sigh. At least the rate increase is retro-active (it's been a month!).

I need to :
1. finish the sock tonight at SnB
2. call the vet
3. interview a candidate for a job here
4. get a tea stash photo going for tomorrow's post
5. grow an extra arm
6. stop time
7. kiss PC again.

Gonna be a long day.

:) mini


  1. The highlights of the day certainly sound like good ones!! (How'd that growing an extra arm thing go, anyhow?)

    Congratulations! So glad to hear about your Dad!

  2. I am so glad that your Dad id home and happy!

    I don'tthink you sent me your address since you moved....drop it in an email to me ok?

  3. sorry - i got your comment just haven't had time to respond. my email: bookishwendy at gmail dot com

    yay! congrats. ;)

  4. Stopping time gets me every time and I usually fall asleep trying. I hope you have better luck.