Monday, May 15, 2006

NH Sheep and Wool

Looked like fun. Read around blogland that the Festival was fun. Was I there as planned? Nope. It was wayyyyy too soggy for this girl to leave the comforts of home. :) I did go and get a manicure and pedicure after running errands with PC. And then, he and I went exploring in the town next to us and I found this:

Oh. My.

I found the yummiest cashmere (no, I didn't buy it) called Lobster Pot. It's locally dyed here in Mass. I bought enough for 2 more pair of socks out of Lang Bebe. What the heck right? It's fingering weight, superwash and comes in very pretty pastels. Perfect for the lacy socks from IK? Or the Cascading Leaves?

Mom's Day. It went well. I had a minor emotional breakdown in the midst of the aftermath. I won't bore you with details, but PC: I love you and respect you more than I ever thought I could love or respect someone. :)

My mom got a crochet book, a size G hook and two balls of yarn from me: one Encore acrylic and one Schaefer Miss Priss. Now she can be a Happy Hooker (oh the google hits!). I know, I know... "teach her to knit!". I TRIED that... she is knitting deficient.

I am almost to the heel on Petal socks #2. I am hoping to have them done for the SnB on Thursday. Keep thinking good thoughts for dad. I have some photos but I keep forgetting either the camera or the cord. I promise: Soon!

Oh, and if the rain here in Boston was snow? over 110 inches.

:) Mini

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