Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Long Ass Post (and well overdue)

Wow...it's been a bit, huh? Normally, I would be apologizing, but I don't have the energy. It's been nothing but run-run-run since last week. In the hospital, out of the hospital. Feed the cat, feed the dog, feed the humans. Run-Run-Run.

We are ALL very tired and cranky. (she looks so cute all balled up and sleeping... almost makes up for the cat hair everywhere and getting "scratched awake". ALMOST.)

Dad: dad is recovering from his surgery (for those of you who know/care: it was an esophagectomy that they had to do by going from his chest to his belly button and then around to his back. He lost a rib. They deflated his lung. They moved his heart. They took his esophagus and his stomach (a 3rd of each). ) He was a trooper. He spent a few days in ICU (god bless those nurses) and he had his first ice-pop of the summer in there. Orange. He was very happy. VERY Happy. He's up on a "regular" surgical floor now. He's had his epidural removed, his chest tube is out and the drain from his stomach is gone. He's eating chicken broth, jello, sherbert and apple juice. He's asked for a slush---watermelon. My mom is obliging him today.

Let me explain about ice-pops and slush. Ice-pops are NOT popsicles. They are the ones in the plastic sheath and you have to cut them open and push them up. I could live on Ice-Pops. :) Slush is a Metro North of Boston thing. It's like Italian Ice, but it's not. It's not even close to a Slush puppy or a Hawaiian ice. Nope. It's this weird semi-solid intensely flavored ice with the sugar in it. It's good. Richie's or Spadafora's makes the best. A slush should cost a $1.50 and give you a headache if you eat it too fast. You can lick it, spoon it, and slurp it (oh, the google hits...).

Ahh... something else happened this weekend and I have to tell you that it is all due to my Secret Pal. (you rock, FYI). I got this little snail mail package in the mail on Friday and it was from my secret pal. I open it up and two small objects came out: a crocheted fish and a crocheted mouse (yes, it looks like a carrot... and *blush* we call it the carrot--- she will go find it if we say "where't the carrot?") for PUMPKIN! Oh, my. Well, we have spent a good amount on cat toys and I have even knit a mouse from CHERRY TREE HILL sock yarn for her (leftover, but still!) and she was on this fish and mouse like white on rice! My Secret pal sent me some tea (yes, it was heavenly!) and some cat food/litter/treats coupons. Now, this last part made PC laugh. He says my SP knows me all too well b/c I am the coupon queen. I am. I am cheap. (SP- you are not cheap, I am not insinuating anything, I love a woman who thinks one the same wavelength as me!) Well, perhaps "frugal" is the right word. I buy generic, use coupons and keep our little house in good food for very little money. Now, coupons. I know for a FACT that companies PAY to put their coupons in the flyers, to get them to print out at the register... so, they WANT you to USE them. So, I do. We save quite a bit too. I know it bothers PC b/c sometimes it comes off as Scrooge-like. But, I do it so we can go on better vacations and do more fun things.

fish and mouse/carrot in repose. She took them out to the dining room with her and left them like this.

Dear SP of my Mom,
thank you for the fish and mouse/carrot. I love them. I love to chase my mouse/carrot and pretend it's prey. I take my fish with me when I sleep under the bed covers. Mom finds it there. She gets mad. Then I attack the fish and she laughs. I love to carry them around the house. I like to have the mouse/carrot thrown from room to room and run after them. I do my best Michael Jackson Thriller imitation with these toys. Thank you for sending me them.

Snuggles and nose kisses,

I put this up against her to show you her size. The fish is about 2 1/2 incehs long. My cat's small.

Speaking of fun things: I am seeing Michael Ian Black tonight. He's very funny,but I only get 1/2 the jokes. PC likes him-- he loves dry obscure Canadian/British comedy. I always say I can never tell if he and his dad are making fun of me or being serious. I tread lightly with these two because I don't get the jokes.

This my favorite picture of her. This the face that wakes me up and says "Momma! Feed me!"

Very curious cat. Hangs out in the tub alot. Also has begun attacking us when she is playful and we ignore her. :)

Knitting: I am done with the petal socks. I am writing a pattern for my own socks. Anyone want to test knit them for me? I am thinking of sending to MagKnits or Knitty or selling them myself. But, I am going to need test knitters and some pictures of the socks. :) Email if you are interested! It's a very simple cabled design, but it's a little different.

More photos tomorrow, if I can knit tonight. Should i knit during Michael Ian Black? Probably not. I'll be comedian fodder. I am an overweight girl with a penchant for bright colors so I am already a moving target.

Happy knitting!
:) Mini


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I'm glad your Dad is doing well. I've been thinking of him but didn't want to ask...
    Pumpkin is so cute and those are adorable kitty toys she got from your SP.
    I hope PC feels better.

  2. Glad to hear your Dad is doing well!

  3. SO glad your dad is up to requesting a slush - that has to be a good sign. I'll keep him in my thoughts.

    Thanks for your nice comment. I've been waiting to post about my self-dyed yarn project because I'm knitting up socks for a gift and want to surprise my friend. The first sock is nearly done and I couldn't be happier. If you can't wait for the dye-ing details, send me an email and I'll give you a sneak preview.

  4. so glad to hear about your daddy!
    my wonderful sock yarn arrived today. thank you!

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    So glad to hear your dad is doing well. Positive thoughts that it continues to go in the same direction!

    So, I have been waiting for you to flash your tea stash! I think I know what I am sending along to you, but would have loved to see that. I collect teapots as well, but I like a certain thing, not a brand per se or a style, just something is pretty similar in most of my teapots. What are yours like?

    Your Tea Pal

  6. I am so glad your dad is improving- what an ordeal to go through.

    I loved reading about your SP. Posts like that make me so happy!

  7. Mini - Want me to test knit the petal socks for you?