Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you any wool? Anyone going from Boston area? I am thinking of heading up and petting the sheep. I am torn though; I want to go to my 1st fiber festival, but I need to clean my house and get ready for Mom's Day Brunch...

And it's going to rain. Hmm.. wet sheep must smell like wet wool.

Let me know if you are going!

Tonight: 1st guild meeting. Have zero idea of what to expect from this. Mother hen types wanting to laugh at my use of color? Or more like my new favorite thing (SnB Thursdays) and very cool women who are just immediately your "peeps" and laugh with you when you drop stitches and want to consider it a design element b/c you might have to put down your coffee to fix it.

Either way, I'm there.

Work is minorly frustrating right now. And we are in the midst of some new "documentation procedure changes" so that means I can't find ANYTHING. I want to cry or at least go home and play with Pumpkin.

Pumpkin--- how can such a small cat command such a large area of the bed? We weren't going to allow her to sleep with us... that lasted all of 3 minutes. She's acting like a cat now. She almost bit PC last night and she could care less about me when "he" is home. Oh, and does anyone else have a cat that likes the bathtub? Not with water... just gets in there and sits. Oy.

Dad: surgery scheduled for next Wed. Please, all the knitters out there, please think happy good knitterly thoughts for my dad. He's going to need it. He is having the most difficult surgery performed for tumor removal. He will have a lung deflated and his heart moved, along with one (or more) ribs removed. This is big. Scary and big. I will be knitting at the hospital with my mom... holding her hand and being there for whatever she needs.

Mom's Day Brunch : here is my menu (feedback appreciated!)

Fruit Salad
Mixed green salad with cranberries-feta-almonds and champagne dressing
Baked French Toast (casserole)
Bacon/Ham/Cheese/Potato Quiche
Banana Bread Muffins

My mom, PC's mom, PC's dad and PC and I--- 5 peeps. Should be enough food. :) My dad is spending his last pre-op days in Florida with my brothers. He wants to golf and be with his boys. It's important to him. I'll see him a lot more post-op than they will I am sure.

Have a great knitting day!
:) mini


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Your menu looks yummy. Have you made Baked French toast before? I am curious to try it but no one else will so I haven't made it. Stupid question: Does it taste like french toast?
    I'll be thinking good thoughts for your dad.
    We are visiting stinky sheep in NH on Sunday. It's Mother's Day so I'm bringing my mother. She likes stinky sheep too.

  2. One of my cats sits in the tub and stares at the drain, as if something interesting has crawled out of it before and might do so again and she wants to be there. Creeps me out more than a little. The other cat used the tub like a hockey rink. She'd find a beer bottle cap (one of her favorite toys) and take it in there and bat it around. I never questioned where they went, just figured they were under the couch or something. Then the drain got really slow. I found a snake with a magnet on the end and pulled out 14 bottle caps. She must have been the kitty leage's all-time high scorer. Now the bottlecaps go in a drawer she can't reach until I can smuggle them out of the house.

    I'm sure your dad will be fine and back to normal by Father's Day. I'll be sending lots of knitterly good thoughts.

  3. Anne the yarn collector4:18 PM

    It was good to meet you at guild yesterday. I hope that you will be joining us regularly - I want to see how your sweater turns out.

    I have some yarn from Fleece Artist (by way of Color Song Yarns) waiting for me at home. Resolution is to do more than just collect the fiber - perhaps knit it into something - or not.

    See you in June?

  4. Anonymous7:21 AM


    The menu sounds wonderful! I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.

    Hugs and positive thoughts to you, your mom, and your dad.

    Your SP