Friday, May 12, 2006

Finally Friday

For all of my non- New England peeps, it's raining in Boston. It's been raining for awhile. Like days. If it's not raining, it's foggy and dreary and "raw" feeling. And it's taking a toll on me. I never thought I was someone who "needed sunshine" (yes, I need the Vitamin D and K) but I am not even motivated to work (and i like my job).

But, it is great weather for knitting. I knit on the new sweater (Bombshell from Big Girl Knits--- great book... even when I am at "goal weight" the "gals" will still need extra shaping... this book is fab if you are over a C cup or shaped like a woman) while at the MetroWest Knitting Guild meeting on Wednesday. (Hi Ann!)

A few thoughts on this guild:
1. I was the youngest person there. And no one cared. There are some amazing knitters there and I see this guild (particularly) being a more organized SnB. They were very friendly and I laughed pretty much the whole time. :) I saw an example of the Great American Aran. Oh.My.God.
2. I really liked the semi-structure to it. Sure at SnB on Thursdays, we chat about yarn, patterns, and how much one needle sucks over another, but we rarely talk about KNITTING. Do you see the difference? I am happy for it,b/c I can see how discussing your hobby/passion could ruin enjoying it. I like to sit, knit, have a cuppa. This is SnB. The guild, more organized. There was a theme this week- stuff you need help on.
3. Did I mention friendly? This was like sitting down with a bunch of girlfriends immediately. It's funny b/c I have always ignored age barriers for friends. I think once you hit a certain age (for me it was 24), you realize that there is a huge amount of "life experience" differences between ages, but very little else. I like these women. I'm going back. Heck, PC and I talked about me going to their annual retreat (sounds like a lot of fun!!!)

Overall: A+ these women are outstanding knitters. I saw an aran I want to make. Perhaps she has the pattern? I'll ask next time!

SnB: went last night. Finished a sock. Cast on for Sock #2. This is the 1st sock I have knit for me that fits me PERFECTLY. It's snug ( I have to tug it on) and petal-y and perfect and pink-y. I can't wait to make #2. Hopefully with the rain and no going to NH sheep and wool ( it's going to be 50 deg F, raining, and windy... and PC doesn't drive. It's a long stressful drive for me. sorry)

So, no pictures b/c I left the camera cable at home. Tonight I'll try to hook up the camera to PC's PC. no promises. maybe I'll just bring home my laptop.

Well, Pumpkin slept through the night last night. When our alarm goes off at 5:15 a.m., she rolls out of her ball and stretches and looks at PC like "are you gonna get that?"... then she comes up to see me... and get warm again. She's coughing harder now and sneezing less. I feel so bad for her!

More this weekend! (If i am not heading to NH, I am heading to Black Sheep in Needham and maybe A Good Yarn in Brookline!)

:) mini


  1. Well you made my day today when you became the first stranger to visit my blog - thanks for leaving a comment!! Yeah, Juneau is a pretty special place, but it sounds like you're getting plenty of SE AK weather yourself.

    Thanks also for the good wishes for my son, he's doing really well.

    I'll be sending good thoughts to your father.


  2. I'm hearing folks in Melrose are being evacuated. Maybe doesn't affect you anymore, just your folks? Hope all is well. We're getting the constant rain, too, but not quite as much as you have had. Still, this is day 5 with rain. Yuck!