Saturday, June 03, 2006

what a week!

To everyone I owe an email to, I am sooo sorry. To my Secret Pal-- the cat loves your carrot/mouse more than ever!

So, I have some photos (read: proof that I still knit!)

Petal socks are done! Here they are in all their glory!

Yarn: Lorna's Laces, 2 skeins, Wisteria
Needles: Addi Turbo US 0, Magic Loop
Pattern: Jeanne Townsend

And this book is worth reading twice. Yup, if you were blessed with a curve and a nice "set" (lingo courtesy of PC), then this is for you! I am working on Bombshell in Topacio (60/40 cotton-acrylic on a size US8--- looks great!)

Here is the color I picked:

And this is what I did today. A friend of mine came by and showed me how to enjoy her craft: jewelry. Oh. My. Imagine a complete project that always fits COMPLETE in a few hours. I was amazed. I love this! Now, I am NOT going to give up knitting, I am, however, going to be making some for friends' birthdays and such.

Oh, I have been petting this for the past few days. On the left, two skeins of from Crown Mountain Farms, colorway "respect." It's handspun, hand-dyed SOCK yarn. I know. I'll wait while you catch your breath and pick your jaw up off the floor. Someone (God bless them!) is spinning SOCK yarn. Sock yarn is small. And you want it all even and then you want a great colorway. Dude. They got it. And... (sit down, this is the "big one").... it's SUPERWASH. Watch out PC, I might be in love. (PS_ note to PC, this is one of the ones you should note... nice present!)
The yarn on the right? Two skeins of Dorchester Farms sock yarn. This is from one Bookish girl who had a contest a bit back. Wendy, I cannot wait to knit this up!

So, I have been busy. I am sorry. And I owe a tea picture. I sent out my tea swap stuff last week. I am still waiting on mine (but this is prob'ly my fault b/c I haven't posted a photo). My swap pal was CatKnits.
I have to knit some baby things (two on the way, one that was due this week, and one born last week.... oh, I am soo behind!)-- anyone have super easy patterns? I am thinking booties and hats.

Get ready for daily blogging to be back again. I miss my outlet of blogging and now that I have this whole wireless internet thing going, I will be boring you with my adventures in knitting.

Love you all and have missed you terribly! I want to say, I need to reply to emails, so have a little patience with me.

:) mini


  1. Yay! I'm glad it got to you okay. Enjoy, it's fun yarn to knit with!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Hmmmm.....I can't seem to see the picture of the Crown Mountain Farms and Dorchester Farms sock yarn! It sounds lovely though! (I don't know if it's my computer or not....argh!)

    I just had a look at a friend's "Big Girl Knits" - it looks great! It's about time that they realized all knitters are not a size 2 or 4.....after all, the AVERAGE American is a 14 or 16......many of the pattern books seem to "stop" at size IF!!!!!

    Oh my! What are you going to do with yet ANOTHER crafty outlet (in addition to sewing, quilting, knitting......) WHEW! The bracelet looks great!

    Glad to hear Pumpkin still likes the toys!

    Take care!

    Your SP