Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer of Stash?

So, I have decided that this will be the Summer of Stash for me. No, I am not joining the KAL. I have recently joined the KSKS (Knit Sock Kit Swap) and was in the Tea Swap and I am a secret pal. Any others I am forgetting?

What entails my stash shopping? Umm... I might have an amazing opportunity to purchase a new car at a VERY cheap price in December. Unfortunately, b/c it's such a great deal , I will have to do it in CASH. Simply, one of our corporate cars that is only used between our site in the Boston suburbs and Boston (it has less than 25k miles) will be for sale to me. :) For about 70% less than the blue book value. So, new car = no new yarn for a bit.

Also, another incentive... getting things knit. I have gone from knitter to yarn acquirer (note to SP: I love yarn... please feel free to send it, but I am talking very specifically about packs of yarn I have purchased for sweaters, etc.)

So, what am I going to knit? Besides socks? ( I have enough for a few pairs... sock yarn does NOT count as part of Stash... it's a rule.... ask Steph)

1. Samus
In orange. Just like the photo. :) I bought this lovely orange superwash at the Wild and Woolly sale LAST year
2. 3x chic
in green Rowan Cork
3. Bristow
in green Cascade 220 (for my mom)
4. Alice
in Cascade 220 Superwash in two different blues (for PC's mom)
5. this aran for my dad ( I love this!)--- it's a pdf -you've been warned.
this will be in a dark blue Cascade 220 ... very nice!

So, I will be knitting these and some baby things along the way. I also need to finish PC's sweater. I know, I know... it was supposed to be done last summer. I am also looking to finish up the Bombshell sweater.

So, what am I taking camping?
1. Bombshell (this is an easy knit without looking pattern)
2. socks--- easy and portable!

There is also a "surprise" sweater that I am going to try my hand at designing. Yup, my first ever sweater design. :)

Oy... what have I gotten myself into?

Oh, the baby sweater is moving right along.... should be done this weekend!


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Love all the projects you have queued up! The sweaters are gorgeous! Don't worry.....I'll still send you can NEVER have too much yarn. I agree with you that sock yarn shouldn't "count" towards the stash totals!

    Have fun camping!

    Your SP

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    You're right. Sock yarn isn't stash.
    I've been thinking about making Samus too. I have to get a little more brave though. Things haven't gone too well with the last few sweaters I've tried for myself.
    Good Luck with the car. My father used to buy his company's cars for my mother. They were a great deal!

  3. Good luck on your goal. It's a great reward at the end!