Monday, June 12, 2006

Since Wednesday....

I have:
1. attended a potluck for the MetroWest Knitting Guild
2. went to SnB
3. got a new cousin (new baby!)
4. saw my dad (doing well!)
5. have made surreptious plans to meet my bro's girlfriend to plan a super secret party.
6. thought PC had conjunctivitis.
7. done 2 Pilates workouts
8. walked for 1/2 hour
9. lost 4 pounds
10. found the PERFECT baby sweater pattern for a friend of PC's shower:

Crocus Sweater from Oat Couture

I plan to knit it with Size US2 in Cotton Fine (Brown sheep?) in Pink...

Perfect for a first little girl and the first baby of the "group", no?

I am hoping to cast this on tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully by the time SnB happens, I'll be done with the back and onto the fronts!

I am making 2 5-hour baby sweaters in cotton (Tahki Cotton... the best baby knit), one for a co-worker and one for the new cousin (see above).

My sweater? Umm.. not done. I am planning on taking it on vacation in July and finishing it there. Hopefully I will be taking that and some sock yarn and a whole lot of books. Camping for 6 days with PC--- can't wait!

The Crocus Sweater will need to be done and washed/ blocked before we leave on July 1 b/c I have to go the shower the day after we get back. If time allows, a bonnet and booties to match. I am making the 6 month size and putting a little girly dress with it from a boutique nearby (and 2 books). I love baby showers!

Progress soon!

:) Mini


  1. i love that! very cute :)

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Wow! You've been busy!

    Glad to hear your dad is doing well. That's a big load off, I'm sure.

    Congrats on the weight loss! It's tough.....believe me, I know. Keep up the good work. Walking does wonders! It's relatively low impact, helps boost the metabolism, and just makes you feel good!

    I LOVE the baby sweater! You must post photos of it once it's done. It's going to be just darling!

    Your SP