Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A cozy for your Italian sports car? Aisle 8....

Y'know there is a saying "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute". Now, it is supposed to mean "our weather changes a lot". Oh boy does it. Two weeks ago I'm wearing wool socks and a sweater and thinking about turning our heat back on in JUNE. Today, I am on thunderstorm watch and hoping that it doesn't break 90 F and that the humidity goes down.

It's too hot to knit. We need to rig something in the apartment to trap the AC in rooms we want it in. This is part of being a grown up , right?

Well, I haven't been knitting (well, not last night) but this girl has. PC would love me if I knit him a Ferrari (well, one that he could drive). But, it's one of those things that makes me think the following:
1. this took dedication
2. this took creativity
3. why would you do this?

An interesting note, not only does this girl knit, she a "hooker" (mixed media project includes knitting, crocheting and embroidery). And some people think that only grandmas knit?

C'mon... she WELDED the frame on her own. So actually, it's a Ferrari Cozy?

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