Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?

I have this song stuck in my head... Get.It.Out.

So, I finished the 16 row repeat of the crocus pattern for the baby sweater last night as well as planned super-secret-party. The baby sweater is on US2 and feels like it'll move right along.

Famous Last Words.

Pictures tomorrow.

On other subjects: I have been doing Winsor Pilates for three days now. Each morning, our alarm goes off at 5:15 and PC wakes me up. I get up, put on a bra and pants and drop to the floor (after feeding Pumpkin, of course!) and begin my Pilates. I am only doing a 20 minute workout (with a circle.. that thing is really cool) and PC and I will be walking every other night for 30 minutes + (at the least). I was initially concerned about the Pilates thing. There is only one move I cannot do and it's a hard-floor issue not a me thing. So, I am going to buy a soft exercise mat to put under my Yoga Mat. I am finding that working out is really making me feel good. Already. Anyone have any advice for Pilates? I think I might have to get a 2nd video by the end of the summer! :)

We are eating healthier and I am cooking healthy well-balanced meals for us. I am cutting my portion sizes and PC's working on his. He is off to join a gym down the street tonight. My goal is to start to lose some weight and then with the walking and the Pilates--- I can take a yoga class at the studio down the street from work. I am considering the pros and cons of Weight Watchers. I have had good success and not so good dealings with them. I feel like I need to learn to eat healthy and eat proper portions and find a balance between eating what I like and working out on a more regular basis. I do think I have found a way to have more regular exercise. In the winter, I will probably sign up for a class at the Y or something b/c it'll be too cold to walk... or will it?

Amazing what a little self improvement can do?

:) Mini


  1. I always get songs stuck in my head... weird random ones like right now I have Neil Diamond in my head sweet Caroline wawawahhhh

  2. how is your foot? can you do all that walking on it? as for pilates. my son RIPPED my stomach muscles when i was pregnant. i did 1 session. man it hurt! but i did find a combo pilates/ballet/yoga that is nice...now if only i would do it! lol!

  3. Losing weight can be VERY difficult. I've been working at it for several months now. While it's slow going, it sure makes a difference!
    I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of your baby sweater.