Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Babies! Socks! Snot!

Have you ever just been so tired of being tired? I'm there. I'm over this cold... make it go away! I'm tired of waking up with that 'crud in my eyes, mouth, nose" feeling. So, I'm going to focus on the positives: dinner with a friend from California tonight. Work is only 8 hours long. My family has 2 new babies as of Sunday! The twins--- they are here! My cousin Sue had her baby girls on Sunday. Now, I just gotta hop to getting O's sweater done and mail them all up --- I think I can do it by Monday.

I'm thankful today for:
  • hot tea with milk
  • advil cold'n'sinus--- I know it has pseudoephedrine, it's why it works, and it's why I love it. I'm not making meth with it, but if meth cured colds... I'd be first in line.
  • warm kitty sitting on my handknit socked feet. She's purring and it makes my toes tickle.

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