Monday, November 02, 2009


So, in addition to having a cold, we had some company this weekend! My bff, Sylvie, brought her hubby and son (my nephew), Remi, to go trick or treating! Sylvie, being French and living here for 6 years, had never been trick or treating! So, we took Remi, age 14 months, trick or treating. He lasted 5 houses. :)

A dinner of Chinese take out and chilling with friends was just what we needed.

Sunday day: knitting with Dora, drinking free (shh!) lattes and catching up. Our hours of knitting fly by when it's just us hanging out.

Sunday, it was OUR turn to treat... Celtics! Celtics won, by more than a handful of points, beating the New Orleans Hornets... it was a good game, but not great. Pretty choppy in the first half, with more and more fouls being called. Being me, I noticed that the Hornets used all 5 of their personal fouls before the 6 minute mark each quarter. The Celtics only used all 5 of theirs in one quarter. So, yes... a slower paced game. BUT, I got to see 4 really good dunks--- which I have never seen in a professional game, in person. We walked through the cool night air to Government Center to catch a D train (skipping all the craziness of North Station on a game night)... and I realized just how much I miss being in the city.

And, since it's November and Thanksgiving lands this month.... I'm trying something new. Each day that I blog, I will post 3 things I am thankful for. Feel free to join me in the comments.

  1. my health (even with my cold): I'm overweight, but have been relatively healthy this year
  2. PC, who loves me even when I don't deserve it and who is my rock
  3. my family. Crazy, all of them, but this is the reason I love them most.

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