Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've been knitting! This is a toddler sweater (size 4T) for my cousin's daughter, Livvie. She's a big sister now! The yarn is Bollocine that I had in the stash... it's a pattern that you make bigger by upsizing your needles and yarn. I did add 10 rows of garter stitch to each sleeve though.
And, here are all 3 matching sweaters together: big sister and two new baby twin sisters. :)
Why does this woman look so happy? This is a new friend, Val, who I met at my quilting class. Yup, I have been taking a quilting class--- very basic,but it helped reinforce some things I needed to relearn or learn brand new. I loved the class so much, I am signed up for the next one!
This is my quilt from class. I love it. It's the first time I have ever made a quilt that came out square. Everything from the cutting to the hand stitching of the binding was an experience.

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