Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Well, Carole says I started it, but wow... she really took an idea and ran with it!

My thankfulness comes today from being thankful for my time. PC gives me 'my time' without complaint and I'm not sure I ever really appreciated it until recently. I've always been fairly casual about stating that since PC and I don't have kids (yet), we are free to do whatever we like, whenever we like. But, that is as a couple. As an individual within a couple, I have responsibilities toward the other individual, PC. Years have gone by with me running off to knit night, having shoved some dinner in his general direction and heard the following words "I love you, be careful and have fun *click**click* (makes general knitting movements)" I need this time, he knows I need this time. All the weekend retreats (SPA, the guild sleepover, Rhinebeck)... no complaints. Yes, one or two mentions of being "taken over" by yarn, but I'm learning to keep it in one (or three) rooms... and he looks before he sits. :)

But, it's the time. I need my time to create. To be. To want. To do. In a crazy world with massive economic problems (we were one of those problems, remember? 10 months of unemployment), I am thankful to have a good job that allows me the time to knit and be creative. And I am really thankful for PC for always having known I needed it.

I am thankful today for:
  • the time available to be creative
  • the time to prepare nutritious food
  • the time to listen to leaves crunch
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