Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for modern medicine. PC's dad had to have open heart surgery earlier this week and last night, he'd already been through physical therapy, climbed stairs and was off pain medication. It truly amazes me that we have doctors who can literally hold your heart in their hands, fix it and have you home in a week. It's remarkable. PC's dad is, obviously, doing well and he's receiving 1st class care at a local hospital.

Beyond this immediate thankfulness, there is the overwhelming thankfulness for Dr. Zhu and Dr. Ferguson at the MGH who saved my dad from esophogeal cancer... when so many doctors within their own group said he wasn't able to be saved. They worked together, were aggressive to the cancer, lovely to my family, and my dad's watching his grandson have his 1st Christmas this year.

My mom's illness is also tough to treat, but her pulmonologist will not give up on her. She recently entered an experimental treatment that uses low impact exercise to improve lung function in emphysema and diminshed pulmonary capacity patients. An 'old fashioned' treatment of removing a pint of blood has made an amazing difference in her lifestyle and abilities.

Modern medicine, caring doctors and unlimited access to great facilities... something to be thankful for.

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