Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My 17 year old self

My 17 year old self would be hard-pressed to recognize me these days, but just in case time-travel does happen, somewhere, somehow, let's discuss what she ought to know.

Dear 17-year old Mini,
1. You're gorgeous and have a kick-ass body. Love it. Ignore the high school boys.  Own your body and love it. Oh, and stay active... it's the key to those great legs. 

2. Look up. Stop looking at your books and homework. Look. Up. At the world. This is a great time, if you let it be. ( you get into college, it's great and you do fine... lighten up)

3. Challenge and push your parents. Mom & Dad are great, but they think you are strong and fragile all at once. Grow up a little and show them what you are made of. 
4. Yell less. Listen more. Yup, even to Mom.  

5. Hug Nana alot. Don't roll your eyes and try to hurry her along. Enjoy her. Hug her. You are going to miss her.

6. Start having coffee with Grampy. (you are going to do this after college, so start now) He loves you and has a lot to teach you. You are going to miss him too. 

7. Don't drink white russians with Heather Goodwin. You will throw up, you will be sick and her dad will know. Oh, and you will both have to clean the driveway. 

8. Take chances. Being afraid is something you come by naturally, but it doesn't have to own you. You spend a lot of time between 31-34 learning not be. 
9. Take typing senior year. It will prove invaluable in your life. 

10. He's not "the one" and you won't remember his last name when you're 34... don't waste senior year on a guy who doesn't like you back. (the "one" really, really likes you. ALOT. In fact, he loves you.  And he's a great kisser.)


  1. This is awesome, Kate! What a concept ... being able to go back and tell yourself some key points. Love it!!