Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rhinebeck: Unbound

I'm not heading to Rhinebeck this weekend, for so many reasons, but the first being : crowds. Have I ever discussed with you my distaste for crowds? I can handle SPA, I can handle the guild retreat, but Rhinebeck? Well, it needs a full 2 days, with me getting there when the gates open because I need to be in and out of those barns immediately and before The People arrive. The People who push. Shove. Maneuver. Snatch. Pull. Stop in the middle.

Reason #2? Money. Quilting supplies have been creeping in on my yarn budget. And I'm trying to stick with my budget.

Reason #3... space.  I'm out of yarn storage. Yup. I've hit capacity. And now I have to knit it all. That's a LOT of knitting. I'm trying to finish 2 sweaters (adult) before Christmas, 3 kids sweaters, and 4 pair mittens and 2 scarves. Wish me luck. :)

Reason #4... time. I've been traveling for work, traveling for personal and really ready to have a weekend where i'm staying put. But, of course that means I've planned a day out with a girlfriend to go shopping.

So, why aren't you heading to Rhinebeck? I'll draw a winner on Saturday morning... and there will be a nice prize.



  1. The never-ending work project is set to launch just after Rhinebeck. When you're coming home from work every night at 9 p.m., you know there's no way you can take the three days off necessary to do a trip to NYS&W right.

    There's always next year, right?

  2. We are not going to Rhinebeck for a couple of reasons, 1 it is closing weekend at camp, and 2 it is the anniversary of my m-i-l's death and there is a mass to attend. While I enjoyed Rhinebeck the 1st time, there are so many other festivals that I love as much, that I am not really missing not going.

  3. No Rhinebeck for me this year. I have a ton of yarn and just don't feel like the craziness. I am planning to attend the NE Fiber Festival in Nov. It was really nice last year and I'm hoping it will be even better.

  4. Much as I love all my knitting/spinning friends, and it's great to see the gang from New York, there are just 11 billion too many people at Rhinebeck. It's exhausting. And there's the money. SPA is the perfect size, even as crowded as it's gotten in recent years. And the timing is better-there's just too much going on right now to hail ass to upstate NY.

  5. I guess time is the reason I'm not going. We just had a weekend away for a wedding and we've got another weekend away for another wedding in a few weeks. Someone (Dale) has to stay home and split and stack firewood. And someone (me) has to stay home and keep him fed. Heh.

  6. The money, time and lack of need for more stash enhancement are all true for me, but the traveling too much for work reason is the biggest one. I don't even want to think about my carbon footprint for the year!

  7. Same as you-despise crowds. Didn't go to the Topsfield Fair for the same reason. I'm old. What's your excuse?