Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten On Tuesday: Dressin' Up

The 10 best Halloween costumes I've ever seen? Hmm....

  1. Daschunds as hot dogs. I hate costumes on dogs, but this one cracks me up!
  2. Couple dressed as elderly husband & wife, cross-dressed
  3. our friends have passed around an infant Yoda costume, which is adorable.
  4. I made my brother, J, a dog costume once that was pretty outstanding... he won 1st place at two parties that year!
  5. I love me a chubby baby as a pumpkin, a lobster or any other creature!
  6. I was once a bag of jelly beans: balloons stuffed into a clear plastic trash bag. 
  7. My mom dressed me and my brothers as the California Raisins once, also, involved trash bags
  8. My best friend, Sylvie, dresses her baby up in a dragon costume (first her oldest: he wore it twice , and her newest, he'll be in it on Monday!)--- but the costume is SO big and the baby's so small, it's known to friends as the "dragon-eating-the-baby" costume. :) 
  9. a sweet little Indian girl came to our door last year as "Jasmin" from Alladin...I oohed and ahhed over her costume, but she set me straight: it wasn't a costume, it was "what my mom made me wear to my cousin's wedding." lol... well, that's one wedding outfit that did double duty!
  10. and lastly, I loved the year my brother was  mailbox. My mom made him look like a real USPS mailbox... :) 

Remember, if you are trick'or'treating in my neighborhood on Halloween: No Costume, No Candy. As PC said to one kid last year "if you are in a dark hoodie, carrying a sack in the middle of the night, i'm going to assume you are robbing me, not looking for a kit kat!" 


  1. We don't get a lot of trick or treaters since we are on a side street but we do insist they be in costume before they get any candy.

  2. That's too cute about the 'dragon eating the baby' costume!

    Also... I wish I had your guts to say no... I'm always scared that if I say no to teenagers in their dark hoodies trick or treating, I'll end up with a house covered in eggs... I'd rather be short a couple bags of chips!