Wednesday, November 30, 2005

and then there were...10 (out of 19)

PC's dad needed a hat for the holidays. Last year, I knit his wife the sweater-that-will-not-be-mentioned (yes, it was THAT bad),but nothing for him. So, this year: Coronet from Knitty:

Project Info:
Pattern: Coronet from Knitty Fall03 (I think)
Gauge: 5spi on US8
Yarn: Lion Brand WoolEase (from stash)- color: Heathered Forest Green (very pretty)
Needles: combo of aluminum circs and bamboo dpns
Comments: Overall, I really love this pattern! And I think I have the whole "cabling without a needle" thing down now. The cable band took me 1 hour, the rest of the hat, 1.5 hours. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend it for some fast holiday knitting

I consulted this book for some help on my next hat. Yup, used a mitten book for hat help... I feel like a real knitter now!

So, the final pattern is for these beautiful-will-be-mine-mittens with a Norweigan star on them. My dad's Norweigan, I am Norweigan (btw, my height (5 ft) and hair (jet black) allow me to "blend" with my fellow Scandanavians real well). So, I decided--- Dad needs a Norweigan star hat. Originally, I had planned to do my own Fair Isle pattern (oh, how naive!), but that ended tragically. So, since I had made Dad try on PC's dad's hat (need to make sure it'll fit a man), I knew what would fit him. I present the "Christine Hat" (named for Christine, ND...population like 200, also where my Grampy was born and raised):

If these photos look a little weird, it is because of the following:
1. they were taken at night with overhead lighting
2. the "model" is a Winnie the Pooh

So, this brings my totals to:

1. brother #1 - DONE (1 of 1)
2. brother #2- DONE (2 of 2)
3. Dad- DONE (1 of 1)
4. PC's Dad- DONE (1 of 1)
5. PC's mom- 50% (1 of 2)
6. Mom- 50% (1 of 2)
7. SIL-J- 0% done (0 of 1)
8. best friend projects: DONE (3 of 3)
9. 2nd friend project: DONE (2 of 2)
10. cousin's poncho- 0% (0 of 1)
11. cousins' mittens- 0% (0 of 3)

19 projects: 10 done!
Little kiddo mittens will be done tonight... there are only 3 pair to make and one will be thumbless. :) Am re-thinking the poncho idea.... need to work it out s'more. :) I want to use soem cute pink that I have in stash, but it's DK and even doubled, I am having issues. I am thinking of using size US15 circs and doing 2 panels of the pattern from my-so-called-scarf. Seam it up, add a little collar (perhaps a turtle neck?).... any ideas? Or does, anyone have a great poncho pattern for a fashion-forward 8 year old girl? I crochet too, so that's ok. :)
:) Mini

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  1. I made the Hatlot's poncho last year and spiced it up with some beaded fringe. The beads also add a nice weight to it. Can't help you with crochet suggestions. Take away one of my needles and I'm useless with the string.