Monday, November 28, 2005

Can I get off now?

What a whirlwind of a weekend! It all started with a phone call at noon on Wednesday:

PC: I'm leaving work at 2:00.
Me: Ok.
PC: and they're paying me all day
Me: Ok.
PC: honey, I get to leave at 2:00!
Me: Ok.
PC: dinner and a movie tonight?
Me: Ok.

Now, I may sound a little non-chalant in this conversation, but mostly b/c it was on my way home that I remembered: PC's new job is the 1st job where it's salaried. This means no more punching the clock, tracking 40 hours... oh, my! So, PC was LOVING every minute of his paid holiday (also new) and paid early-day and paid day-off! :) So, Wednesday--- off to dinner at Panda Castle (anything not turkey is perfect before Thanksgiving dinner) then to see "Walk the Line". I love Johnny Cash and the actors did a pretty good job of nailing his accent and mannerisms. Overall, an A- (minus b/c of length... at least we got our money's worth!).

Thursday:A coffee would be nice! Up and ready to go. I need to make my Famous French Bread Rolls for dinner. Get everything ready... and rest. Love making bread... it must always "rest" and then I can too! Hmm... dinner's been moved from 2:00 t0 3:00 b/c of a turkey "incident"-- seems someone else decided to make a turkey. There were 2 turkeys, 10 guests and 2 LARGE bottles of wine. :) Grampa (PC's) spilled wine, I spilled coffee (on PC) and well, then it was time for dessert! Lots of laughing, joking and smiling at dinner. My SIL made the dinner for my parents, my two brothers, and her parents. Congrats to my SIL, J, for her first Thanksgiving! Of course, she pulled it off without a hitch!

Friday: hang around house in new pajamas. Watch bad movies... pick up PC, fill in applications for apartment, run around... need coffee... drop off applications. Go to the Celtics game! :) They won with 0.3 seconds left on the clock! I have to say, I always forget how much I love basketball! PC loves it (plays it, watches it) and I was a cheerleader in HS for basketball and football. But, until we are there, I always forget how much I really enjoy the games! I have already told PC... more tickets please!

Saturday: need more coffee.... (sensing a theme here?) Off to shopping/lunch/some sort of activity today! Shopping- we hit the Barnes and Noble (3 children's books, 3 adult books... 5 christmas and 1 birthday gift done). Got coffees. Lunch (before the bookstore), at Lone Star! YUM! All I have to say is "cheese fries". Then it's off to Sears, bought new shoes. Hurry home, and then onto the Orange Line and here we go! You must see this if you live in Boston. The Polar Express in IMAX 3D. :) And it snowed! :)

Sunday: where's the coffee? Mom and I headed off to get "purdy" at the nail salon. :) Then it was lunch at this new place: Bear Rock Cafe. Shopping at Walmart. Made pizzas when we got home. Found out the hometown heroes lost. Watch bad tv Hallmark Movie... off to bed!

Did I knit? Yup... Mom never got her lesson, she didn't really want one after all. :( I made a hat for brother #2, and started a poncho and am almost done with a Coronet. :) More knitting tonight, perhaps even a few pictures!


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