Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm a Maniac, Maniac

Another FO! This bag pattern is SO simple and so elegant! I love this bag... will probably fuss with the ribbon and how I have it woven in, but it's great! Finishing was very easy.

This is going to look adorable with soooo many outfits! Thank you SP! ( I am still assuming it's you.. I haven't heard from you that it's not!). I started this Halloween night and knit in between trick or treaters and burning pancakes.

Burning pancakes. I have to tell you. I am a pretty great cook. PC rarely goes hungry and he loves my cooking. But, I make pancakes that come out like hockey pucks. I know, just add the milk/water/whatever, mix, let it rest, pour and flip. Nope. PC has to make all pancakes that will be fit for consumption. But, we were making pancakes the other night and well, the griddle started to burn the butter in the batter--- next thing, smoke alarm! Pancakes were very delicious though....

Not too much today, working on a 2nd scarf. PC and I are on the apartment hunt tonight... 4 apartment appointments (1 sounds too good to be true...) and I am kinda hoping we find something reasonable and in a nice neighborhood.

Happy Knitting Wednesday!

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