Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lessons Learned....and Taught.

No big pictures today, sorry. Last night was all about re-grouping, knitting, reflecting and preparing.

PC and I are continuing our foray into co-habitation. I am working under the mantra that "if we don't get it, it's not meant to be". My control freak side says "you NEED to get X apartment...NOW". My PC-induced-centered self says "it'll come, in time". See? It's a battle in my head that either side could easily win.

PC's mom needs a scarf. A warm, wool, straight from the animal yumminess scarf. She has a good walk from the bus stop to her house each night and well, I want to keep her warm. :) So, mittens (yes, i'll be using the same gifted mitten pattern... but with a new stitch) and scarf. I am using the "my so-called scarf" pattern I found online ( I would link to it, but my brain is not cooperating). I really like this, but the fabric is coming out really dense. I like the density, but am afraid it will be too stiff. Will it loosen in the wash it will need? Will the stitches relax and it will become a scarf you can toss around you comfortably? I am going to test-knit with a larger (US13) needle tonight. Mittens will have the same pattern on the backs and palms... thumbs will be st.st.

This year I lost my Grampy. Not just a grandfather, a Grampy. It's almost Turkey Day (he taught me that) and I miss him. I also miss my Nana-Banana. The holidays are my favorite time of year, but there is a hole this year. And I can't seem to get around/over/under this hole. PC's own Nana passed at this time of year, so I know his thoughts are with her. It's just that I wonder, the important people who helped shape my life and my "self" (besides parents) are now all gone. Shirley, my godmother, who taught me to knit/crochet and "fake" homemade... I can still smell her and feel her hugs. Tommy, my godfather, who taught me my prayers, leaped (a major accomplishment for someone who wore a brace b/c of a polio infection as a child) when I was accepted to a competitive Catholic college. Nana-Banana, who knew about PC LONG before my parents... I told her he was "it" after our 2nd date. She met him and agreed. :) She taught me how to make fudge, banana bread, feed the birds, ride the #130 bus to Malden Center, shop for the best deals, get it all home on the bus and MOST IMPORTANT: how to love my mom. As my mom's mom, Nana was a valuable asset to both me and my mom during my teen years (a.k.a the i-hate-you-i-wish-you-weren't-my-mom/daughter-years). I called her 2X a week during college. She spent $3.50 to mail me 8 quarters ($2.00) b/c I mentioned I needed to go to the bank to get quarters for laundry. Grampy... who made me wooden tulips, built me a dollhouse, perfected by "princess-ness" (yes, PC you can blame Grampy for that one), who got my stuffed animal collection to 3,498 animals before he passed away. Who sat and counted them with me, and kept the list!, when I was 11. Grampy taught me frugality, Norweigan, and how to learn from my mistakes. I have heard my Grampy say "I was not a good father, but I will be a great Grampy... I have learned from my mistakes." I miss these people and what they gave to me. It's that time of year, and I am getting teary writing this, but it's ok. I want to remember them. I want to tell these stories to my kids. I want my children to know their Irish/Norweigan heritage. But, most of all, I want to make these people proud.

Attention: if anyone drives through Melrose, MA this Friday (Black Friday) and sees a dark haired, short woman chasing a slightly-older version of herself, while holding knitting needles and throwing yarn: it's because i am teaching my mom to KNIT. Yup, Mrs. Anti-Craft herself has requested a knitting lesson. *sigh* and I agreed. We CAN do this. We can sit for hours on my one day off between Thanksgiving and Christmas to learn to knit. I have WoolEase, Size US8, and garter stitch planned. Wish me luck.

I am also hoping to wash and block some of the Christmas gifts, but have NO space to do it... what will hanging a scarf do? Just stretch it out? I will work out something!


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  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I am wishing you peace and happiness with some comfort added to your holidays. Love your loved one's nicknames!