Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday already?

All I wanted was one more day... one more day to sit on the couch, look out the window, take a nap on PC... Oh, yeah. Have I mentioned this? PC is a great guy (you all know this) and he is also a comfy guy. C'mon you've all dated one of these... the one with the perfect shoulder to rest on? The comfiest arms to wake up in? Well, PC has a knack for being so comfy that just snuggling into him can induce full napdom (new word). This works to his favor when he's watching football and I am asking questions like "so, which part of that guy, the cute one, have to hit the ground before they stop hitting him?"

*FYI* At this point, you can go two ways with these questions with a man like PC:
1. look for eye rolling, give up and knit.
2. notice eye rolling, but really need to know the answer and keep asking.

Having been PC's chica for 3+ years now, I try to do #2 less and less.

Brother #1 (funny, whenever I write "brother" i slip and write "bother")
-scarf is finished (pics and stats tomorrow)
PC's Blob-no-more:
- 5 inches and growing.. in you don't want to see that do you? I am hoping he'll wear it for Turkey day!
Brother #2
- scarf pattern is selected... but do I like the yarn? I was thinking Berroco Softwist... any input?
Mom's Scarf-hat-mittens and socks....
-in process...

*sigh* Life trumped knitting this weekend, but that's ok....

Happy Monday!

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  1. I understand, I can't believe it's Monday and I didn't see the days go by.