Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How much do I love this picture? Found it b/c someone told me that Grommit knits... so, I googled a photo of Grommit knitting... and I found:GrommitKnits. And I found a picture. :)

This picture is pretty much me every night. I knit in bed, watching the news, then fall asleep and wake up on a circ. ouch.

Update on gifted sweaters:
1. boss and boss's wife LOVED sweater and quilt
2. coworker's son LOVED sweater, but it's a "hoochie shirt" on him. (i.e. "cropped")....

So, this is sweater attempt #2 for the "monster in training"...i'll keep you posted. :)

PC's sweater is 3 inches long. Yupp... and holding gauge... I cast on for a slightly smaller size, knowing that my circ gauge is a little looser than my flat gauge and that with Addis... well, it's going to be a lot looser.

Wish me luck.

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