Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Dancin'

No, not because of my new-found allergy. I am happy dancing b/c I lost 3.8lbs this week on WW. Now, I am a big girl, but 3.8lbs is 3.8lbs and I am VERY proud of me!

To celebrate, I am staying on-points. ;)


I knit the largest hat on the planet this weekend. I don't know what happened. It'll fit someone with dreds, but not on purpose. It went in the charity box. PC asked if I was paying attention. ha ha ha ha... this is because he has been the recipient of some too-small hats in the past.

I cast on for some tomten last night. Specifically the ones from Alan Dart. PC's sister tracked down the magazine in the UK and had it shipped to me. Tomten are a Scandanavian folklore about gnomes that live in the woods. Near the holidays, they come wearing pointy hats and winter gear (mittens, boots) and long beards (to keep them warm) and knock on doors. When someone in the house answers, they ask "do any good children live here?" If the answer is yes, then they come in and give the children sweets. In Norway, the sweets are left in their mittens. All of this as told by my grandfather when I was little. Santa sounds an awful lot like a tomten.

Photos tomorrow when I get one "sorta" stuffed and made up. Imagine this: I have to go buy fun fur for the beards.

And might I add again?

-3.8lbs: WoooHoo!

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