Sunday, November 23, 2008

She's Crafty....She's just my type.

PC's got a reason to sing that song! I am exercising my super-crafty muscles this weekend! A preface: on my mom's side, I have like 100s of cousins, all of whom have kids. The little ones (under 7) get a handmade gift from me at Christmas.

I usually don't send birthday gifts for them or anything like that (unless it's a Communion or something), so this is my one shot per year to make something special for each kid. Four of these kids live in the middle of Maine (5-6 hour drive) and within a mile of each other, so all gifts must be the "same but different" you know what I mean?
Well, there are 8 little ones on my list this year. I saw these crayon rolls on Etsy a while back and thought: cute, but $10? I'm glad someone's getting that much for them, but I wasn't paying it! I searched and came upon a tutorial for DIY. A trip to JoAnns and voila! Crayon rolls!

Each roll holds 12 crayons and is secured with a length of elastic. Each one cost me $1.45 to make. I made all 8 in 2 hours. Using felt is good too, because the material will be very durable and soft... it also is very forgiving for little fingers putting crayons into and out of the pockets. Each crayon roll accompanies a jumbo-super-crazy coloring book, picked especially for each kid. These little gifts will go pre-Christmas to the kids in Maine for their annual ride from Maine to Massachusetts.

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