Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musings (and no photos....)

Spidey's hat and mitten set are complete and ready for delivery. I really like the way the top of the hat came out for some reason. I modified this a lot,b/c of the gauge change, I really didn't have a choice.

At last night's guild meeting (MetroWest knitting guild--- we have a Rav page!), I cast on for a simple man's hat. I am hoping that I can whip up a few of these (like 5?) before the holidays: 3 for uncles to go with the scarves/cowls for the aunts and 2 for my dad's birthday. My dad works outside a lot and a little known fact about chemo/radiation therapy is that you can feel cold for the rest of your life. Dad's having a hard time staying warm. I want to try double knit, but don't know how. Anyone want to show me?

And finally: Boston knitters-- anyone around the Saturday after Thanksgiving? Interested in a little post-turkey knitting? We have one cat and two couches and I promise to clean the bathroom. Tea, coffee and wine provided.... and some snacks if I can rustle them up. Let me know, b/c if no one can come, it'lll just be me and the cat.

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