Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not winning any friends

Edited to add: this makes me even sadder. (source: Boston Globe)

Calif. voters approve gay-marriage ban

November 5, 2008

LOS ANGELES—California voters have approved a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, overturning the state Supreme Court decision that gave gay couples the right to wed just months ago.

The passage of Proposition 8 represents a crushing political defeat for gay rights activists, who had hoped public opinion on the contentious issue had shifted enough to help them defeat the measure.

It also represents a personal loss for the thousands of couples from California and others states who got married in the brief window when they could. Legal experts have said it will have to be resolved in court whether their unions still are valid.

I'm sad today. Yup, it has everything to do with the election. 7 years ago I would have said I am a Democrat, but I have changed and so has my political stance. I am fiscally conservative and lean more liberally socially (gay marriage: fine with me, removal of troops from Irag: fine). PC and I are going to be that "middle ground" that doesn't make enough to really do more than live (no fancy vacations and luxury items for us), but under Obama's plan, makes too much to benefit. I often wonder if American voters thought about the outcome of voting for a candidate high on social programs when we are midst a recession. Funding for social programs will come from one place and one place only: your wallet. BUT, I am a positive person and I am ready to see this extremely charismatic president-elect try his hand at office. I am hoping he exceeds his supporters expectations and I hope that he changes my mind. Several African-American politicians stated this morning that Obama would be given a 'honeymoon' to acquaint himself with the weight of his office. Sorry, son... no honeymoon. Your campaign was all about change--- the clock starts January 20 and you had better be ready. The world is watching.

But, a few things passed in my home state of MA that disturbed me.

1. Dog Racing. Okay, this is not a popular sport among pet-owners. I own a pet (Pumpkin) and have owned several dogs throughout my life ( i remember the names of 12). But, as said above, it's recession time and you just put 1000 people out of work. I think for every greyhound you adopt from now until 2010, you should have to promise to support a track employee for a month. Guess PC and I will be driving to NH to bet on the puppies.

2. Marijuana decriminalization. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. How on earth can we teach children that illegal drugs are dangerous and (HELLO!) Illegal (??!!!) if the fine for possessing an illegal drug is the same as not using a crosswalk? My mom told me that she was voting for decriminalization b/c of all the young men whose lives were ruined b/c they were caught with pot and had to go to court. My response: what about all the people who said no and didn't buy drugs from drug dealers?? Whatever happened to obeying the LAW?? Certain drugs are illegal for non-medicinal purposes ( i have read the marijuana research on pain--- it works, but so does Oxycontin and we aren't letting people run around with it without prescription). Marijuana is a drug on this list. Marijuana is illegal. It's not failing to use a crosswalk.

Oh.... and parents? Your new teenager, freshly out in the world, driving in cars with teens? Dating and being away from your for the first time? Heading off to college that you got the 3rd mortgage on the house to pay for so they won't have student loans? Massachusetts just told them that getting high on a little pot is 'not so bad.' Really glad you did that whole 'just say no' thing. How many kids did I know in college who lost it all b/c of drugs? Too many.

Sarcasm over. I have never been hesitant to speak my mind on certain subjects. I don't talk politics at work. I think about things very carefully. And since we live in the great USA, I can think what i want, you can think what you want. Also, I respect each and every opinion that is made in this country. I don't agree with them, but it's like religion: I respect your right to worship as you wish. So, keep reading here... I'll always be honest with you. Sometimes you'll like and sometimes you won't. Sometimes i don't like it either.

Onto knitting:

It's farther along now (in fact, the first mitten is done, minus thumb).

Pattern: Chevallier mitten
Yarn: Rowan Cork
Needles: US5 dpns

Note, has anyone made these? They might be the biggest mittens I have ever made! They are HUGE.... and I have gauge, so I know I am making the right size. Adding these and a matching scarf (US11, k2, p2 easy-peasy scarf) to the Christmas bucket.

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