Friday, November 07, 2008

When the mom is sick... the cat will play.....

How does she work this thing?

Can you see me?


Pumpkin here. Mom's not here because she's on the couch... Dad says she doesn't feel good because she has a frog in her throat. I don't see why she gets to keep her frog, but she makes me give up perfectly good mice.

Anyway. She's on the couch with her frog and this means that she can't yell. Nope. Not one peep.

No "down Pumpkin!"
No "off the table Pumpkin!"
No "stop biting me Pumpkin!"

Nope. She has to sit there and wave her arms. I close my eyes.

But, she's had more string out. The kind of string she yells about. She is selfish. She is the only one who gets to play with her string. And the sticks! They are so chewy and wonderful.... really feel great on the gums... but, she doesn't like that either.

But... today she can't yell.....

Ouch! But, she can swat ears!!!

Maybe I'll wait to see about those sticks later. I have to go wake her up so she can feed me. Come by in a few days. She'll feel better then.

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