Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Thoughts by Mini

Holidays. Turkey. Stockings. Tree. Wreath. Gifts.

These words keep running through my head. I'm a little worn by the sheer quantity of money we spend at Christmas. And PC and I don't even spend that much! I always like to remind myself that limits are a good thing and that sometimes a baby sweater can be just a great present. And that teenagers really just want gift cards. And it's okay to have an age limit for gifts.

I am making some more gifts, but they involve sewing. Sewing is 1) faster and 2) more versatile. I am making two of these: one house and one barn:

Photos from UK lass in US website.

Mine might not be as elaborate, but they will serve the purpose. And, the wee ones are easy to please. (Ahem: Stef? Don't look- one's for A)-

I am thinking of making one of these for a special little someone. I think kitty dolls are just great! And this little one loves kitties!

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