Monday, November 10, 2008

Sick Knitting

In the course of being out of work 2 days (came home Thursday a.m.) and realizing in between naps, that the quality of daytime tv had not improved since my last sick day... I headed to the stash. Yes, I had projects everywhere around the house, but I needed.... something. Something new. Something repetitive. Something fun.

The Sand River Scarf.

Pattern: Sand River Scarf
Yarn: 250yds hand dyed worsted (superwash) (dyed by me!)
Needles: US 7 straights (bamboo)
Notes: I love this pattern. I test knit this for Monica 2 years ago. It was such a fast knit and I really loved the pattern. So, I cast on Friday night around 6pm and blocked last night (Sunday) at 10 p.m.

this is better representation of the color

In spite of the virus that took me down (several fevers broke, lost my voice, still have icky feeling in ears and head, body aches--- no sniffles, though. We think it was the flu and since I don't get a flu shot--- allergy to eggs via injection- most vaccines give me a horrible allergic response), I needed to leave the house by Sunday. PC and I had been collecting food donations and sorting through his old work clothes to make a donation to Lazarus House. It's a food bank/shelter run by the Church that has a fast shelter-to-home transition and a 99% success rate in it's work skills program. It is also drug and alcohol free. A few weeks ago, their food donations dried up and they were dipping into the Thanksgiving reserves. Now, if they are using Thanksgiving food in early October--- what's going to happen in 3 weeks when they need to serve so many families? Mini and PC to the miniature rescue! We dropped off two large boxes of food, including a turkey and stuffing (thank God for BJs), paper towels and t.p., and two very warm work jackets. Look around this time of year. Are you blessed? Can you pay your bills? Is there a little extra each month? Buy one extra bag of groceries at your weekly grocery shopping (non-perishables, of course) and donate to your local food bank.

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